Shore Haven 1264


  • 1200 lb. lifting capacity with 64” beam
  • Cantilever style boat lift
  • Reinforced pivot points
  • Fully adjustable carpeted hull bunks
  • Easily adjustable legs-24” of adjustment
  • Utilizes the Dutton-Lainson brake winch

ShoreMaster ShorePort


  • Provides a stable & easy loading and launching PWC platform
  • Slip resistant surface for easy PWC access
  • Connects to virtually any dock system
  • Variety of anchoring options available
  • Versatile design fits a wide range of PWC’s

Craftlander Vertical Cable Boat Hoist (108″ or 120″ beam capacity)

  • 1200 lbs. – 10,000 lbs. lifting capacity available
  • Various width options depending on the application
  • Stainless steel cables and aluminum construction
  • Fully adjustable carpeted hull bunks
  • Accommodates pontoons and tri-toons with extra bunks or wood racks
  • Easily adjustable legs (pin & cotter key)-54” legs
  • Electric (12v or 110v) winch add-ons available
  • “V” walk-through side for easy access to water craft
  • Load guides and canopy frames are easy add-ons

Craftlander Hydraulic Cantilever Boat Hoist


  • 4000 lbs. – 6000 lbs. lifting capacity available
  • Standard in 108” & 120” widths depending on the application
  • Utilizes Monarch hydraulic pumps with biodegradable hydraulic fluid
  • Comes standard with 12v battery, solar panel and 2 wireless remotes
  • Load guides and canopy frames are easy add-ons

ShoreStation Vertical Hydraulic Boat Hoist


  • 4000 lbs. – 15,000 lbs. lifting capacity available
  • Standard 108”, 120”, 132” & 144” widths available depending on application
  • Operates on DC voltage-solar panels & battery tenders available
  • Comes standard with 2 wireless remotes
  • Load guides, centering devices, bow stops, and canopy frames are easy add-ons
  • Hydraulic pump and cylinder is mounted to the lift above the water line

Craftlander Cantilever Pontoon Boat Hoist (between the pontoon pick-up)


  • 3200 lbs. – 4200 lbs. lifting capacity available
  • 18’ – 28’ bed lengths available
  • 12” adjustable bed
  • Add-on adjustable feet available
  • Utilizes the Dutton-Lainson break winch
  • Works well in shallow water conditions

Boat Hoist Power Assists


  • 12v or 110v models
  • Frictions wheel or direct drive models available
  • Universal mounting to fit virtually any lift
  • Capable of working on boat lifts with capacity up to 7,000 lbs.
  • Remotes, pendants and lights available
  • Easy installation and removal

Boat Hoist Replacement Parts


  • Replacement parts for virtually any boat hoist
  • Cables, pulleys, bushings, and winch parts available
  • Replacement winch tubes for ShoreStation boat hoists
  • Craftlander and ShoreStation cables in stock
  • Custom made 3/16” & 1/4” length cables made in-house

Boat Hoist Accessories


  • Solar panels, battery boxes, & battery trays in stock
  • Boat hoist installation tools available
  • Custom made carpeted bunks & load guides for any lift
  • Custom made accessories for virtually any application